Decentralized Margin Engines

Margined Protocol is developing decentralized perpetual protocols and multichain margin engines for CosmWasm networks.

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Illustration of the Margined Engine, with modular design, high speed, leverage and low fees

Perpetual DEX

Propel yourself to the moon using the Margined Protocol. CosmWasm (MP-C) engine blasting off at the end of Q2.

Margined Protocol's trading dashboard
Low fees and deep liquidity, through a dynamic AMM
Partial liquidations and cross-margining
Decentralized community governance

Margin engines built for traders

Modular pieces that can be built on top of Margined Protocol
Modular design, focused on greater composability
Safe illustration, representing the security of Margined
Written in Rust, optimised for safety and performance
Speedometer, representing the velocity of Margined Protocol
Fully open-source, ready for high speeds
shield representing trust
The highest thrust-to-weight ratio of the crypto industry

Are you ready to blast off with Margined?

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